Tipbet Cashout


The CashOut Feature allows you to take a profit before the end of play or to claw back some of your stake should a prediction look like being wrong. The payout amount is dependent on the value of the betting slip, including results of other events in the case of a multi-bet. You are able to use the CashOut on all platforms, so it can be accessed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets

How the Tipbet CashOut works (examples):

Your multi-bet has won 4 of the 5 selections and you do not want to risk losing the final selection or you have changed your mind for your 2-combi parlay, so you can choose to take a CashOut offer as a profit. Also, you might use this option If you have bet on Team A to win in 90 minutes, and they are beating Team B 1-0. But you feel that the losing team are looking like scoring a goal in the last 10 minutes. Therefore, you can take a CashOut offer after 80 minutes, which will be close to the full amount you would have won. This then voids the rest of your bet and you are protected against Team A not winning. The only thing you need to do is go to your "Betting Slips" and choose the bet you would like to cashout; you will see the "CashOut" option as its shown below.

Tipbet CashOut

Next step for your cashout is that you will confirm the selection and the amount

Tipbet CashOut

Once you confirm your selection then you will see that amount is credited in your Tipbet account immediately

Tipbet CashOut

Under "Betting Slips" you will be able to see all your cashout and the amounts (reward) in one page

Tipbet CashOut

Watch the video to have a better understanding of our Cashout Feature